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Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein ‘A Number Of Times,’ Admits It Was ‘Huge Mistake’

Bill Gates appeared on TODAY this morning with host Savannah Guthrie to discuss his new book, “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic.”

In an attempt to keep the pandemic fearmongering alive in order to sell his new book, Bill Gates was quick to slam conspiracy theorists agreeing with Savannah that misinformation on social media was killing people while defending himself against those who claim he is causing death by promoting vaccines. But what really got the viewer’s attention was when Savannah Guthrie asked Bill Gates about his several meetings with Jeffrey Epstein.

“I certainly made a huge mistake not only meeting him in the first place, but I met with him a number of times,” said Gates. “I didn’t realize that the meeting with him almost downplayed the incredibly awful things he did. I’ve learned more about that over time, but I add that to the list of big mistakes.”

During the interview, Gates also spoke about Elon Musk’s plans to buy Twitter and his divorce from his ex-wife Melinda.

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