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BLM Co-Founder Claims Candace Owens Harassed Her, Attempts To Fake Cry Over The Encounter

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Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors posted a video on Twitter claiming that conservative news host Candace Owens harassed her on her private property. The only problem with the claim is that Candace Owens and her crew filmed the entire encounter, ultimately proving that none of what Cullors said was true.

Candace Owens immediately took to Twitter to set the record straight, tweeting “Almost 1 million views. BLM Founder Patrisse Cullors has decided to remove the video of her fake crying and lying from Instagram” along with the video of Candace at the house at the same time Cullors claimed to have been “harassed”.

Unfortunately for the BLM co-founder, Candace Owens already obtained a copy of the video and used the footage to expose Cullors on social media.

WATCH: Cullors Fake Cries While Claiming Owens Harassed Her…

Not once during the encounter did Owens attempt to enter the property, and she kindly told the security guard that if they want her to leave that she’ll politely leave.

Per Townhall.com, in an Instagram video, Cullors tearfully sobbed saying she was harassed outside her $1.4 million Los Angeles mansion. In the clip, Cullors is heard, through all the fake tears, that she was “shaken by the encounter.”

However, Owens says she never actually spoke with Cullors and pointed out that Cullors restricted replies on her Instagram video. 

In response, Owens posted her own Instagram video of the incident, clarifying that she showed up with her small film crew and spoke to a white security guard through the gate. She volunteered to leave as he was not answering her questions.

Owens, in addition to shutting down Cullors’ “crocodile tears,” can at one point be seen offering to leave the premises, saying “we’re not trying to harass you.”

In a tweet from May, where replies were also restricted, Black Lives Matter responded by going after Owens, though they curiously refused to spell out her name. The tweet accused her of “prop[ping] up a dangerous right-wing agenda that propagates racist tropes, seeds division, and incites violence against Black people,” claiming such “attacks” were “all by design.”

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