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BUSTED: Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley Tweets Support For Will Smith After He Assaulted Chris Rock

It’s no surprise that Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, D-MA 7th District. tweeted (now deleted) her support for Will Smith Sunday night after the actor walked up on stage during the Oscars and smacked comedian Chris Rock across the face for the entire audience to see. After all, violence has been endorsed and even encouraged by the Democrats over the last couple of years when BLM was allowed to riot, loot, and terrorize American cities for their “cause”.

“#Alopecia nation stand up!” the congresswoman tweeted. “Thank you #WillSmith Shout out to all the husbands who defend their wives living with alopecia in the face of daily ignorance & insults.”

Regardless of the fact that Rep. Pressley was standing up for women with Alopecia, no elected official should be applauding violence, and it’s appalling that once again we’re seeing the Left try and justify violence for a cause they personally support.

Chris Rock refused to press charges with the LAPD after the incident. Will Smith won the Oscar for ‘Best Actor’ shortly after the attack.

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