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Dem Rep Throws Biden Under The Bus On Rising Costs, The ‘Buck Stops With The President’

As Joe Biden and the White House administration continue to blame rising costs on the global pandemic, Virginia Representative Abigail Spanberger said last week that “the buck stops with” President Biden when it comes to soaring gas prices.

“There is a variety of contributing impacts, but certainly I think the buck stops with the president,” the congresswoman said in an interview with WRIC. “And I’m proud to be among those legislators on Capitol Hill that will continue to ring the alarm bells about how serious this is.”

The only reason President Biden tapped into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve which many Republicans are calling a reckless move, is because Spanberger and other Democratic lawmakers urged him to do so just one day before he made the announcement.

Spanberger, however, is no saint herself as she has been criticized for being part of the problem since she voted for Build Back Better, which many economists say will only make inflationary matters worse.

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