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Even Kamala Harris Doesn’t Want To Appear With Biden, Opted To Not Appear In Student Debt Video

Looks like it’s “every man for themselves” as the Democrats scatter like cockroaches to get as far away from Joe Biden as they can. He really can’t seem to please anyone these days. He’s not progressive enough for the far-left radicals, and he’s pulled the country too far left for the moderates. Even Vice President Kamala Harris has had enough of the Joe Biden trainwreck and has decided to keep her distance as well.

According to Politico’s West Wing Playbook, Vice President Harris’s office began collaborating with the White House on a social media video to promote the administration’s extension of its pause on federal student loan payments. Harris’s office then decided against it, according to two White House officials familiar with the matter. Ultimately, President Joe Biden released his own video.

Critics slammed Vice President Kamala Harris after Politico’s “West Wing Playbook” revealed the vice president reportedly opted to not appear with President Joe Biden in the video.

“The vice president has been increasingly wary of becoming part of the public face of the administration’s response,” Playbook said, noting that the progressive wing of the Democrat Party has been calling for more aggressive forgiveness of student loans.

Scott Jennings, a conservative commentator, responded to the report on Twitter, and asked “Is there a Democrat in the country who will appear with Joe Biden?”

The Washington Free Beacon’s Chuck Ross tweeted “Amazing” in response to the report. “Team player,” he continued. “Curious what she thinks her next step in politics is. Don’t think POTUS is in her future. Maybe San Fran mayor.”

But let’s be honest. Can anyone really blame Kamala Harris for not wanting to touch Joe Biden with a 10-foot political pole? Her approval ratings are already bad enough without letting the Biden catastrophe bring her down any further. Not to mention, the student debt forgiveness program is such an awful idea that even the moderate Democrats are sounding the alarm.

Looks like The Squad isn’t doing Joe any favors, and unless he wants to destroy what little chances the Democrats have left going into the 2022 midterms, he might want to stop listening to AOC and start listing to the one Democrat who actually listens to and understands the American people, Senator Joe Manchin.

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