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HAT TRICK ABBOTT: 3 More Busloads Arrive In NYC With Migrants Looking For A New Home

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New York City, the ‘sanctuary city’ according to St. Adams, the ‘Martyr Of NY’. You wanted them, right Mayor? Now you got ’em – 3 bus loads full that is.

Authorities in NYC were ready and on hand to assist with the arrival of another group of migrants who were bussed from Texas after they crossed into the U.S. from Mexico.

According to Fox News, which had reporters on the ground welcoming New York City’s new neighbors, three migrant buses arrived in the Big Apple early Wednesday morning, following the path of the group of 50 migrants who were bussed to the same area on Friday, August 5.

Just days prior, NYC Mayor Eric Adams blasted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott during a press conference regarding the mass transit of migrant groups out of Texas and onto his front doorstep.

Migrants wave as they depart bus in New York City from Texas. (Fox News )

Fox News went on to report that while awaiting the arrival of the three new buses early Wednesday, NYC’s Office of Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Manuel Castro accused a “morally corrupt” Abbott of using the bussing of migrants to the Big Apple as a “political ploy” aimed to “foment anti-immigrant sentiment.”

“You cannot take the words of Governor Abbott seriously. He’s demonstrated his moral character with these actions, and they’re disgusting. We do know that people are arriving with a great amount of needs because of the treatment they’ve received in the state of Texas,” Castro said outside The New York Times building in Manhattan. “Again, this must be condemned. This must be looked into. And our federal government will… take steps to hold them accountable.”

“No one is blaming them, but we are condemning this Governor Abbott’s treatment,” he said. “If he wanted to help, he would be bussing them to the actual locations that they need to… meet, to be transported to. But he’s not. He’s transporting people to Washington, D.C. and to New York City without any communication with us, with the intent of forcing as much harm as possible to our cities.”

Mayor Eric Adams, during a press conference on Tuesday, threatened to take a busload of New Yorkers to Texas to door knock and help get Abbott out of office for the “good of America,” before then calling for more federal funding to address the influx of migrants to the Big Apple sanctuary city.

“This is horrific when you think about what the governor is doing,” Adams said.

Despite Texas Gov. Greg Abbott claiming that no migrant is forced to get on a bus and that they are going to NYC voluntarily, Adams has been contradicting that message by telling the press “We’re finding that some of the families are on the bus that wanted to go to other locations, and they were not allowed to do so. They were forced on the bus with the understanding that they were going to other locations that they wanted to go to, and when they tried to explain they were not allowed to do so.”

Governor Greg Abbott has repeatedly pleaded with Washington and the Biden Administration to help with the raging border crisis but has had no response.

Abbott felt the need, after several months of growing concerns across border towns as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossed the U.S. Mexico border, to take matters into his own hands, to begin sending migrants out of his state into pro-migrant liberal cities as a way to bring evidence of the migrant crisis to their doorstep and to bring attention to the issue of illegal immigration in his own state.

“Because of President Biden’s continued refusal to acknowledge the crisis caused by his open border policies, the State of Texas has had to take unprecedented action to keep our communities safe,” Abbott said Friday.

“In addition to Washington, D.C., New York City is the ideal destination for these migrants, who can receive the abundance of city services and housing that Mayor Eric Adams has boasted about within the sanctuary city,” the Texas governor added. “I hope he follows through on his promise of welcoming all migrants with open arms so that our overrun and overwhelmed border towns can find relief.”

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