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House Democrats Block GOP Bill That Prevents Biden From Lifting Title 42

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House Democrats on Wednesday blocked a GOP bill, H.R. 471, that would prevent Biden from prematurely lifting Title 42.

Title 42 gives border patrol the authority to rapidly expel illegal immigrants caught at the border aimed at preventing the spread of communicable diseases in the United States. Title 42 was launched by the Trump administration at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and continued under the Biden administration.

The southern border has been a disaster for the Biden administration and has put America in grave danger as record-breaking immigrants continue to sneak into the country. Title 42 was the Republican’s last line of defense, and now that the Pandemic is over, Biden wants to lift it so he can continue to let illegal migrants flood into the United States no questions asked.

Prior to the vote, Congresswoman Mayra Flores (R-TX), who represents part of the Rio Grande Valley, argued on the House floor why Title 42 needed to remain in place.

“Title 42 is one of the only things keeping the crisis at the border from getting even worse, allowing border patrol the flexibility to expel some illegal immigrants quickly,” Flores said. “And yet for some inexplicable reason, President Biden and the Democrats want to end Title 42 for good. Doing this would put out an even larger welcome sign to drug, sex, and human traffickers…As a border patrol wife, I also know that the morale of our agents is already low.”

“Eliminating Title 42 would discourage those brave men and women even further as they struggle to contain the never-ending surge of illegal immigration that the Biden Administration is trying to make even worse,” she added.

Immigration officials have used the health order nearly 1.8 million times to expel migrants, many of whom have been removed multiple times after making repeated attempts to enter the U.S.

What happens if Title 42 is ended?

According to TexasTribune.org, Homeland Security predicts up to 18,000 daily encounters with migrants — more than double the current average — when Title 42 ends. Anticipating such an increase, the agency has released a plan that includes vaccinating migrants in U.S. Customs and Border Protection custody, adding 600 CBP agents across the southwest border, and increasing the capacity of federal holding centers from 12,000 to 18,000.

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