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House Dems Who Want To Defund Police Get New $10,000 Home Security Stipend

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The same House Democrats who have been crying to defund the police over the last few years are now getting a $10,000 home security bonus compliments of The House Sergeant at Arms.

According to The Hill, the Sergeant at Arms sent a letter to members and staff on Monday announcing the residential security program, which is set to begin on Aug. 15, according to a Republican congressional aide with knowledge of the plans.

The program will pay every congressional member up to $10,000 worth of security system equipment and installation costs to safeguard their personal residences. The initiative will also cover fixed-rate monthly monitoring and maintenance fees up to $150 per month incurred by members.

Progressive Democrats, including AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Cori Bush have consistently called to defund the police while contradicting themselves as they load up on both security systems and security personnel personally for their own protection costing the American taxpayers millions of dollars per year.

The $10,000 stipend plus $150 per month to monitor their homes is a slap in the face to the American people, particularly those who live in Democrat-led cities where crime runs rampant.

Personally, I agree that members of Congress should be protected, especially higher-profile figures who have had their lives threatened recently, but not at the sacrifice of disarming the American people and taking away their own security protection which is exactly what is happening. Congress is sending a clear message to the American people that security now is only reserved for the elite who we elected by the way. “You don’t deserve to be protected, but we do,” seems to be a common theme amongst House Democrats”

President Biden tried to make the American people believe that he wanted to fund our police during his state of the Union back in February, but make no mistake, Congressional Democrats will never let that happen. Despite skyrocketing crime, their goal is to defund our police, as Rep. Cori Bush made clear on Twitter.

The same Democrats who support defunding the police, listed below, will also be receiving the $10,000 security stipend on August 15th.

The U.S. Capitol Police’s Threat Assessment Team opened about 1,820 cases from the beginning of the year through March 23, the department told The Hill on Monday. Cases include direct threats and directions of interest, which are defined as concerning statements or actions.

Those statistics are the latest the department has released this year.

For comparison, Capitol Police received 9,625 threats and directions of interest in 2021, and 8,613 in 2020.

The question isn’t whether Congressional members need enhanced protection, as they clearly do, but the American people who elect these officials are worthy of the exact same protection and no less.

Or perhaps Democrat members who continue to call to defund the police should also forfeit their own security detail and forego the $10,000 home security stipend.

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