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House Passes President Biden’s $1.75 Trillion “Build Back Better Social Spending Budget Bill

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In a vote held Friday morning, the House of Representatives passed President Biden’s $1.75 trillion “Build Back Better” social spending bill, H.R. 5376 with 220 Yay’s and 213 Nay’s. The Bill now heads to a 50-50 Senate.

After 8 months of internal dispute, that caused the original $3.5 Trillion Bill to be split into two parts, Speaker Pelosi finally managed to bring Biden’s Build Back Better Act to the floor. Just one Democrat, Maine Representative Jared Golden, decided to join every Republican member in voting against the Build Back Better Act.

Republican Kat Cammack R-Florida voted with a resounding “HELL NO” calling Biden’s Build Back Better Act, “Build Back Broke”.

Biden and the White House claim that the social spending bill is “paid for” and will cost Americans “zero dollars”, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found the Build Back Better Act would cause a net increase in the national deficit totaling $367 billion, not including additional tax revenue that may be generated by Democrat plans to ramp up IRS enforcement. The Democrats, however, including Speaker Nanci Pelosi, continue to lie that Biden’s budget is “fully paid for” as she claimed during her speech on the House floor preceding Friday morning’s vote.

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