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IT WAS A GOOD RUN TRUMP: Charles Herbster Of Nebraska Loses To Jim Pillen In Gubernatorial Primary

I’m not going to lie folks, out of the 4 Trump-backed picks for tonight’s primary races in Nebraska and West Virginia, the race I was mostly concerned with was the Nebraska Gubernatorial. Trump’s pick, Charles Herbster lost to Jim Pillen moments ago as the Associated Press called the race with 68.8% of the votes in. Jim Pillen secured 59,926 votes (33.5%) to Herbster’s 51,247 (28.6%).

In my write up on May 9th, I wrote: “This isn’t going to be a walk in the park for Herbster by any means as last month a bipartisan group of Nebraska state senators, one of whom is one of Herbster’s alleged victims, called on Herbster to drop his gubernatorial bid in light of the allegations against him. Herbster has denied the allegations.”

And sure enough, my concerns became a reality. But let’s be honest, it was bound to happen eventually as someone was going to snap the winning streak ultimately. Overall Trump is now 58 and 1 across Texas, Indiana, Ohio, and Nebraska. Not bad Trump, not bad at all!

Of the 4 Trump-backed candidates in tonight’s races, the 3 winners were:

  1. Andrew Mooney, West Virginia – WIN
  2. Adrian Smith, Nebraska – WIN
  3. Carol Miller, West Virginia – WIN

Next up are Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennslyvania all to be held on May 17th. Pennslyvania is the big one to watch as Dr. Oz, a Trump favorite, is getting mixed reviews from many Conservatives in the Keystone State.

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