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Jan 6th Day 3 Hearing So Boring That NBC Cut Away To Golf In The Middle Of The Live Broadcast

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Why anyone is still watching this nonsense after 3 days is beyond me. Wait, they’re not – which is why NBC decided to cut to golf smack in the middle of the hearing on Thursday.

According to Breitbart News, the hearing was so boring, in fact, that NBC News’ Lester Holt announced the network was ending its live broadcast of the hearing to air the U.S. Open golf tournament.

Team Trump on Facebook also posted “NBC just cut away from the sham J6 hearing and cut to golf”. Viewers who wanted to continue to watch the J6 hearing were told to head over to NBC’s streaming platform, NBC News Now. Holt said, “For everyone else, U.S. Open golf begins momentarily.”

Social Media exploded with sarcasm, laughing at the fact that ratings and interest in the J6 hearing were so bad that the network felt the need to head over to the U.S. Open.

Civil rights lawyer Harmeet Dhillon joked about NBC cutting to golf instead, “My God, J6 hearing is THAT boring? I mean, I would rather untangle a skein of lace mohair yarn than watch golf on TV. Or maybe weed the driveway.”

The Republican National Committee also wasted no time throwing punches at the left-leaning network, “Americans are so interested in Pelosi’s illegitimate January 6 hearing that NBC just cut away to golf.”

Pro-J6 junkies were speculating on Twitter that “perhaps there was a preexisting contractual obligation with the USGA to carry the golf.”

Some were furious over the fact that they could no longer obsess over their precious Trump-bashing and decided to give up on watching the hearing altogether. Fortunately for Rudy Giuliani, they cut to the U.S. Open right in the middle of his speech. Talk about saved by the bell!

Even if you hate golf, you’d probably find the U.S. Open a thousand times more interesting than watching Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger destroy their political careers live on television.

Now… back to golf!

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