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Jesse Watters: ‘This Is Not A Hunter Story, This Is A Joe Biden Story’, Feds Closing In

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Jesse Watters is 100% correct, “the house of cards could fall if they keep the pressure on”, and that’s exactly what’s happening with Hunter Biden right now. For those of you who don’t think anything will happen, think back to NY State Gov. Andrew Cuomo. I heard it for months and months and months. No one believed they’d ever get Cuomo out – until they did.

This is how it works folks. At first, it’s all hush-hush until the REAL media – not that fake CNN garbage – puts the pressure on, and that’s exactly what right-wing outlets like Fox News did then, and that’s what they’re doing now. It’s only just a matter of time as Jesse Watters so beautifully put it.

“They’re trying to contain it, but you can’t contain what’s going on with the Biden family, it’s just too big,” Watters told The Five. “And it’s no coincidence that this report comes out days after Tony B goes on Tucker Carlson and blows the whole thing wide open again.”


Watters then suggested it was a bad idea for Hunter to reject a “pretty sweet plea deal” involving no prison time and a couple of million dollars in fines. “That was a bad idea,” Watters said. “Because now I’m hearing it’s about $15,000,000 in fines and they’re throwing more felonies that he has to plea to.”

Jesse then took aim at President Joe Biden telling viewers that “This is not a Hunter story, this is a Joe Biden story.” Watters then called the President a traitor. “Think about this, if you follow the evidence to where this is going, Joe Biden is a traitor because Joe Biden was going to be the front man for China’s Belt and Road initiative. China’s Belt and Road initiative was the biggest challenge the United State supremacy we’ve ever had […] They were paying the Biden family to be the American face of the Chinese belt and road.”

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