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LIBERAL OUTRAGE: Leftists Lose It After Manchin Slaps Down Dems’ Federal Abortion Bill

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It doesn’t take much to trigger the tolerant left into submission these days, but no one causes an epic meltdown of seismic proportions like Senator Joe Manchin the American First Democrat from West Virginia.

Manchin, who is notorious for single-handedly saving America from financial collapse by voting against Joe Biden’s Build Back Better deal has teamed up once again with Republicans to put a block on “codifying Roe”.

The moderate Democrat told reporters he would oppose The Women’s Health Protection Act when it came to a procedural vote, saying it doesn’t codify Roe, but actually “expands abortion” by wiping out hundreds of state laws on abortion.

It didn’t take long for the Left to absolutely lose it on Twitter as Liberal pundits and celebrities tweeted outrage against Manchin Wednesday, after saying he’d vote against his party’s abortion bill.

He later blocked the legislation formally.

Actress Nancy Lee Grahn claimed the senator didn’t know what he was talking about in a profanity-laced tweet.

“How does the WHPA go too far? Make him explain what that means. He’s full of shit,” she tweeted.

Author and political analyst Jared Yates Sexton called it a “problem” for Manchin to be allowed in the Democratic Party.

“The problem isn’t just Joe Manchin’s cruelty and disregard of the lives and fates of Americans or that he’s bought and sold several times over,” he wrote on Twitter. “It’s also that there’s room within the Democratic Party for Manchin and the many others like him.”

Nina Turner, former Ohio state senator, said Manchin’s vote was “pathetic.”

“Senator Manchin gets paid $174,000 a year to say ‘nah.’ I’m not sure why he is allowed to keep his committee assignments. It’s pathetic,” she tweeted.

50 Shades Of Whey went as far as to attack both Senator Manchin and his daughter: “Joe Manchin just voted against codifying Roe v. Wade into law. He probably wouldn’t have done that if the DOJ actually did their job by investigating his daughter Heather Bresch who illegally price-gouged EpiPens to steal millions of dollars from people with asthma and allergies.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren took the opportunity to call for the end of the filibuster claiming she believes in Democracy but only when it suits her. “I believe in democracy, and I don’t believe the minority should have the ability to block things that the majority wants to do. That’s not in the Constitution. […] It’s time to get rid of the filibuster.”

Manchin also told reporters that he was pro-life but would vote for a Democratic bill that codified Roe without expanding it because it’s been “the law of this land.”

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