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Libs Of TikTok Receive ‘Dozens Of Death Threats’, Not A Single One Removed From Twitter

Wow, talk about double standards. As a Liberal, it seems that anything goes on social media and that includes death threats. BLM, ANTIFA, unhinged radicals, and even violent terrorist organizations like Al Queda and ISIS all still have a voice on the big tech platform regardless of their pro-hate and violent reputations. But pledge your allegiance to the American flag and fight to preserve good old fashion American values – oh no, we can’t have that. Automatic ban!

Libs Of Tik Tok, one of the fastest-growing Right-leaning Twitter accounts, notorious for calling out the liberal left and exposing them for the radical lunatics they portray themselves to be, by simply resharing on Twitter what they originally posted on TikTok, is now receiving death threats forcing the owner, whose identity we will protect, to now move out of fear for her safety.

According to Libs Of TickTok, not a single death threat has been removed despite the threats being reported by Libs Of Tick themselves, as well as reports from loyal followers.

Elon Musk himself, who is currently working on a $44 billion deal to take ownership of the platform and has been an influential voice and advocate for the right, even chimed in asking @Twitter, “Why?”

Libs Of Tik Tok has also reached out to the FBI informing the agency that threats against Libs of Tik Tok have been made, including one Twitter user account who posted that a pipe bomb has been sent.

The threats continue to be made by the same user who told the right learning account “I’m going to kidnap you and torture you… I will murder your parents while playing Beyonce music, don’t play with me”. The threat was attached to a graphic image of a knife slitting a man’s throat.

Loyal followers of Libs of Tik Tok have tagged the FBI asking why nothing has been done.

Not only is this a disgusting, yet predictable demonstration of violence from radicals on the left that they continuously get away with, but both Twitter and the FBI should be ashamed of themselves for doing nothing to protect the Libs of Tik Tok account owner. The threats have become so overwhelming that the account owner has had to move for the time being to protect herself.

If this were Conservatives making death threats against liberal outlets, Twitter would have most likely shut their accounts down within minutes and reported them to the FBI themselves.

Donald Trump lost his Twitter account based on a hypothetical and hearsay over the January 6th Capitol riots with zero evidence that he actually incited violence, yet Liberals can literally threaten your life and get away with it. Typical double standards allowed by left learning big tech platforms as usual. Hopefully, Elon Musk will step in soon and demand something be done.

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