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NEW BOOK ALERT: Donald Trump To Write New Book ‘Crime Of The Century’

Former President Donald Trump told supporters on Saturday that he’s writing a book about the 2020 presidential election and how it was stolen from him. He said he’ll title it “The Crime of the Century.”

As he spoke for over an hour at the ‘Save America’ rally in Austin, Trump criticized the integrity of the election, comparing the voting system in the United States to that of France’s traditional approach, which uses only paper ballots and bars absentee voting and early voting. He hinted that votes in the US were tampered with while in storage.

“I mean, it starts so early, and then they want to finish late, right?” Trump said. “This is the greatest hoax, heist. This is one of the greatest crimes in the history of our country. And sadly, the prosecutors don’t want to do anything about it.”

“This is the crime of the century. I’m actually writing a book about it called ‘The Crime of the Century,'” Trump said.

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