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NEW LOW FOR JOE: Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets With Key Voting Demographic In One Year

Looks like the Democrat’s little southern border project is about to backfire on Joe Biden, but I’m not surprised one bit seeing that immigrants HATE socialism.

The Dems thought they were being clever by stacking the deck in their favor with an open border, but it appears the exact opposite is about to happen.

President Biden’s approval rating among Hispanic Americans has plummeted to 26%, according to a Wednesday poll from Quinnipiac University.

It was only one year ago that Biden had an approval rating amongst the Hispanic community of 55%. He is now less popular among the Hispanics than any other demographic, including age and gender, the Quinnipiac poll found. In just one year, that’s a monumental drop.

Guess letting all those illegal immigrants in over the past year and a half didn’t exactly pan out for you, huh Joe? Well, it’s a good thing for Republicans, because those who fled socialism will love the freedoms that the GOP represents. Thanks, Joe!

But that isn’t the only demographic that’s sick of Joe Biden. Young Americans and White men also have low approvals for Biden, at 27% and 29% respectively.

The president’s highest approval ratings are among Americans older than 65 and black Americans, at 45% and 63% respectively. Black Americans are the only demographic in which Biden has a positive approval rating, according to the poll.

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