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New York Restaurant Owner Said He Will Not Comply With Vaccine Mandate, ‘Come And Arrest Me’

New York City restaurateur Stratis Morfogen said he will not comply with Governor Kathy Hochul’s vaccine mandate and that he refuses to fire workers who don’t get the jab.

“I’m not doing the mandate, and I told [New York] Governor [Kathy] Hochul to come and arrest me,” he told host Tucker Carlson.

“I’m not doing it because, first of all, the employees we have, these were our heroes. In [the] early part of COVID, we fed 8,400 health care workers,” he explained. “I’m not firing these people for a jab, for a job.”

Morfogen is the owner of The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and hopes “the new administration will be pro-business because that’s all we’re looking for, is a chance.”

The current government, he said, must understand that the vaccine card is “1983 technology” that it wants business owners to “police” without providing “the tools to win.” 

He also warned that the government does not understand that a vaccine card-holder can be a “super-spreader.”

“Because I can have a vax card,” he explained. “I could be asymptomatic positive, and I can walk into my crowded restaurant – our Brooklyn Chop House, our Brooklyn Dumpling Shop – and I could spread it to everyone.”

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