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No, Joe Biden Was Not A “Full Professor At The University Of Pennsylvania”

Joe Biden has made a lot of random and inaccurate claims throughout his 48 years in politics, but over the last year as President Of The United States, it seems his Press Conference fumbles are only getting more outrageous.

Whether he is intentionally lying, or just can’t get his story straight due to his inability to string together a cognitive sentence, you can almost guarantee that something absurd is going to come out of the President’s mouth at least once during every speaking engagement.

In one of Joe Biden’s recent gaffes, he claimed he was a “full professor” at the University of Pennsylvania for several years during a speech on Thursday. The problem with this statement is that Joe Biden never actually taught a single class.

He was, however, paid over $700,000 to give speeches at UPenn. A few speeches hardly make you a full-time college professor, but it was a nice try. After all, Jill Biden suddenly became “Dr. Jill Biden” after Joe was elected President all for political theater.

According to a compilation of Biden appearances by the Daily Pennsylvanian, Biden visited the campus at least nine times. One of the visits was a November 2017 event promoting his book “Promise Me, Dad.”

On the campaign trail, Biden drew scrutiny for saying in South Carolina that instead of “taking a Wall Street job,” he “became a teacher, became a professor” — omitting mention of his compensation or the fact that he didn’t actually teach any semester-long courses.

Before he became vice president in 2009, Biden was an adjunct professor of law at Widener University in Pennsylvania for 17 years and taught classes while serving in the Senate.

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