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EXPOSED: Gov. Kathy Hochul Complicit In ‘Secret Migrant Flights’ Into NY

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NY State GOP Gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino held a press conference on Wednesday in Stewart International Airport in Orange County, NY to address the “secret migrant flights” that Governor Kathy Hochul is “complicit and implicated in”.

Astorino began the press conference by highlighting the fact that “throughout this process, which I broke back in August, August 13, for whatever reason, there are too many members of the media in NY that are completely ignoring this story which is having a major impact both nationally and of course here in NY because we are bearing the brunt of what is happening at the southern border”.

According to Astorino, in 2021, there were over 2 million people apprehended at the southern border who were given temporary legal status and were allowed to go into the United States. Kathy Hochul has secretly flown many of these immigrants into NY, Astorino reported.

“As we’ve known, we found this out last August 13th, but since about last April we have flights coming from El Paso and other areas via the federal government to local airports including Westchester County Airport, where they’re coming in very frequently almost on a nightly basis, sometimes twice a night, but now it’s expanded to here in Stewart International. Now for those of you who don’t know Stewart, it’s also a military base. There are national guard and marine reserves who are here, there are international flights here, but this just shows that it is a port authority of New York/New Jersey run airport which means Governor Hochul is completely complicit and implicated in this because it is happening at an airport controlled by New York. So Westchester and Stewart now accepting flights from the southern border with at least 150 people coming off those flights each time… not here legally.”

Watch The Full Press Conference:

The GOP Gubernatorial candidate spoke about his team’s attempt to track the illegal immigrants after they landed in NY, but was unable to locate exactly where they are being placed. “What’s happening is, we’re having on video clearly seeing many teenage boys, late teen, early 20’s who are single adult men who are getting off these flights and again, where they’re going off these buses, most of us don’t know. We have followed them, some are going to schools, some are going to the New Jersey turnpike and NY Thruway, rest stops where there are cars waiting for them, where they go, we don’t know where they go after that.

Astorino said the illegal immigration in NY State is impacting its schools as kids are being placed in middle schools, high schools, and elementary schools, none of whom speak English and are requiring services that taxpayers are footing the bill for. Rob Astorino also claimed that “here in NY there is a $2 billion displaced workers fund that is being used from federal government money to help those who are here illegally with cash benefit assistance”

Mr. Astorino’s office has reached out to the Biden administration for information pertaining to the secret migrant flights into NY and has not heard a single word back. He has also called out Governor Kathy Hochul for not enforcing laws that require illegal immigrants to register for NY. “She has that authority, but she will not invoke it so at least we have a registry of who is coming off those plans… and if she fails to do it then I will do it on January 1st when I become Governor.”

Rob Astorino is running against NY State Kathy Hochul for Governor who is up for reelection in November. Astorino faces Republican frontrunner Lee Zeldin and Andrew Giuliani – former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s son in the June 28th Gubernatorial primary race.

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