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Polls Show The Canadian People Are On The Side Of The Truckers, 92% Approve Of The Ottawa Protests

According to a recent poll by thestar.com, 92% of pollers say that Ottawa was not right to declare a state of emergency and that people have the right to protest, and only 7% believe it could give the city the power it needs to quell the protests. 0.5% were undecided.

Ontario declared a state of emergency on Friday threatening protestors that they would be arrested for congregating at the border. Many believe it is a direct violation of their constitutional rights and has shrugged the threats off, claiming the government is once again acting tyrannically with zero disregard for the laws that protect the people’s right to protest.

But despite all the warnings and threats reigned down on the protestors, they continue to defy Doug Ford’s state of emergency and completely ignored the 7 pm curfew on Friday night.

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