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‘PRAYER MATTERS’: DeSantis Reminds Americans That ‘Our Rights Come From God, Not Government’

During a speaking engagement at the Hialeah National Day of Prayer breakfast on Thursday; Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke about the power of prayer in his life and says our rights are from God —not the government.

Excerpts from DeSantis’ speech from Breitbart News:

Excerpts from DeSantis’ speech from Breitbart News:

“[T]he primary purpose of … government is not to quote, ‘give us rights.’ We already possess these rights. Understanding that ultimately there’s a higher power, it should humble us.”

“You know, some of these authoritarians, they think they have all the answers,” he said before talking about what his family has personally gone through following his wife’s breast cancer diagnosis last year. “After prayers and treatments, she is now considered cancer-free.“

“And I can tell you, prior to us announcing that it was a very difficult, emotional thing to deal with, particularly for my wife,” DeSantis said, explaining how much prayers and support lifted his wife’s spirits.

“So don’t let anyone tell you that this doesn’t matter. This matters. And when you’re standing up and you’re, you’re taking the time to pray for somebody else’s well-being, to offer these prayers and support of someone going through some difficult times, it makes a difference,” he said.

“I can tell you because we saw it make a difference in our own life,” he added, thanking attendees for “really reminding people about the power of prayer.”

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