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Press Secretary Fails To Justify Biden’s Solar Panel ‘Emergency’, Makes False Claims

In a desperate attempt to curb skyrocketing gas prices that Joe Biden himself has caused, the President invoked the Defense Production Act to build solar panels. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, while speaking to reporters from the briefing room, struggled to justify the President’s actions.

The Press Secretary falsely claimed that there is a current electricity shortage that solar panels could help alleviate.

Biden faced sharp criticism from major solar panel manufacturer First Solar Inc., which said freezing tariffs grants “unfettered access to China’s state-subsidized solar companies for the next two years” and that using the Defense Production Act is “an ineffective use of taxpayer dollars and falls well short of a durable solar industrial policy.”

Jean-Pierre was also called out on that point and asked about the benefit of the move to the Chinese Communist Party.

Jean-Pierre’s lack of justification and poor explanation regarding Biden’s decision to invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA) just goes to show how irrational and reckless the administration has become.

Given that the DPA is reserved for times of war and true emergencies, just like our strategic petroleum reserves should have been, Biden is once going overboard with extreme measures to push the left’s climate change that does nothing but throw a band-aid on today’s problems. But then again, Joe Biden is used to making short-term impulsive decisions today that will only end up hurting Americans in the long run.

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