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Public Schools In Minneapolis Caught Sending Protest Tips to Middle Schoolers Behind Parents’ Backs

In yet another woke activist movement, public schools in Minneapolis have been caught educating middle school students behind their parent’s backs on how to protest using far-left radical style tips that differ based on an individual student’s race.

According to emails obtained and reported on Twitter by Crime Watch Mpls, students in 6th and 7th grade at Justice Page Middle School received a newsletter that included tips and instructions for students who decide to observe or attend protests following the death of Amir Locke.

But not every student gets to protest the same. If you’re white, there are a different set of rules to go by, the newsletter states: “When it comes to Black Lives Matter protests, if you’re not Black, remember that you’re there to show your support and amplify Black voices,” the district explains to students. “ESPECIALLY if you’re White, if they’re offering the megaphone for anyone to speak, it’s not for you. You are here to listen and to show support.”

Minneapolis public schools have also made it very clear that you are not there to rat out anyone for committing a crime during these protests as tips in the newsletter request that you “please don’t post anything with people’s faces/identifying information in them, especially if it’s someone doing art/graffiti.” Clearly, they do not want anyone breaking the law to be held accountable.

According to TownHall.com, the email notes that it is “a publication of Minneapolis Public Schools, not Justice Page Middle School,” suggesting that students at other schools in the district may have also received the email. Contrary to that disclaimer, MPS has since disputed that the newsletter is theirs, and instead, the product of students in an after-school program. Regardless, MPS distributed the material to students and ultimately bears responsibility. 

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