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Radical Socialist Podcaster Ethan Klein Calls for Someone to ‘Bomb That Building’, NRA Event

Wow, the far-left radicals can say anything they want and get away with it. It never ceases to amaze me how disgusting and illegal their threats are. From BLM to Democratic Politicians, there are never any consequences, but for us Trumpers? Well, we spend a year in prison for taking a tour of the Capitol.

Add Podcast Celebrity Ethan Klien to the long list of inappropriate threats made towards conservatives. In response to the National Rifle Association hosting its conference in Houston, Texas, Klein, during his “H3 After Dark” episode on Friday called for someone to bomb the building where the NRA convention was being held. He has nearly 3 million subscribers.

The Blaze TV’s Elijah Schaffer tweeted out a clip of Ethan Klein saying “someone should bomb that building” His wife, Hila Klein who co-hosts the show, initially reacts with an “mhm,” suggesting she is in agreement.


Even though Klein immediately walked back the bomb threat, he went on to once more call for violence, even laughing and joking about it.


The extended clip shows Ethan, in the same breath, saying “okay, I’ll roll that back.” His wife comments “everything but violence,” though he is still heard laughing as they walk it back. A “technical difficulties” graphic appears.

The comment was extremely dangerous, and with an audience size of 3 million subscribers, the podcaster provoked violence regardless of whether he “walked it back”.

One Twitter user was quick to call out Klein for the comment suggesting that he was a hypocrite for even making a threat against NRA participants, because of a comment the podcaster made when he said he’d “use his gun against anybody who would come threaten him”.

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