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Rep. Biggs To Biden: ‘We’re Willing To Shut Down This Government Until You Re-Institute Title 42

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Andy Biggs told Steve Bannon that if he became Speaker Of The House that the first thing he would do is shut down the government and “hold the budget hostage” until President Joe Biden reinstitutes title 42 which is expected to go away in 2 weeks.


On Nov. 15, Judge Emmet Sullivan of the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., blocked the federal government from continuing to use Title 42 to immediately expel migrants at the southern border after they have entered the United States.

Title 42 has been the subject of different court rulings, but as of now, the Biden administration is scheduled to lift the health order on Dec. 21.

Biggs told Steve Bannon that he believes the House should threaten Biden with a government shutdown unless the Biden White House secures the border. “The first thing I would do is hold a competing event down on the border, with the border patrol agents, the rank in file, doesn’t have to be management, although the management is beginning to agree with me that something has to happen, and you bring attention to it. But it’s not a one-off thing,” Biggs told Bannon on Real America’s Voice. “You bring members down constantly. You hold the budget hostage, and you say you’re not getting the budget. We’re willing to shut down this government until you start reinstating Title 42 which goes away in two weeks.”

Biden is currently in Arizona but told reporters that he doesn’t believe that the Souther Border is a big enough problem for him to go down there.


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