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Republicans Pass Democrats In Florida Voter Registration, First Time In History

As a record-breaking number of American’s flock to the Sunshine State, one of the last states to embrace freedom, it’s no surprise that Florida Republicans have officially reached a milestone they’ve been working hard to achieve for nearly a decade — outnumbering registered Florida Democrats for the first time in state history.

Florida flips from Democrat to Republican for the first time in US History

Gov. Ron DeSantis applauded the achievement for Republicans at the National Conference of State Legislatures Friday morning.

“Today for the first time in the history of Florida we’ve now overtaken Democrats”.

But despite Democrats historically having a registration edge for the past two decades, Republicans have still dominated state politics, controlling the governor’s office, the state House and the state Senate.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Governors Association issued a message on Twitter insisting Florida remains a “battleground state” following a report in Politico that it doesn’t plan to spend money to help the party win the governor’s mansion against DeSantis in 2022, following years of failed efforts to get Democrats elected to statewide office.

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