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Right-Wing MSM Platforms Newsmax, Fox, Appear To Be Testing The Waters With Pence As He Gears Up For Presidential Bid

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2024 might be a few years away, but it’s never too early for Presidential Candidates to put their names forward in order to gain early support from the mainstream media. After all, candidates with the largest megaphone and budget tend to yield the highest results throughout the race.

Former Vice President Mike Pence happens to be one of those potential candidates, and even though Pence hasn’t announced yet, it’s clear that Fox and Newsmax seem to be testing the waters with their boy, despite a vast majority of their viewers having mixed feelings. We all know things didn’t end well between Pence and Trump, and I’m not entirely convinced this is going to play well amongst Conservatives.

RINO’s, however, are most likely eating every minute of this up as they continue to turn a blind eye to the election fraud scandal that occurred during the 2020 election, and now that Arizona has concluded their Maricopa County independent audit, confirming tens of thousands of ballots were either duplicated or unidentified, it’s even more of a reason to be upset with Pence as we haven’t heard a peep out of him regarding the now proven scandal.

Instead of focusing on real issues like election fraud, Pence seems to be regurgetating the same rhetoric Donald Trump has already voiced concern with, including vaccine mandates, critical race theory, and Biden’s disastrous Infrastructure Bill. Burying your head in the sand and turning a blind eye is certainly not the conservative way, and will most ultimately backfire on the former Vice President.

So why are Fox and Newsmax going out on a limb to give Pence a considerable amount of mention on their networks despite most of their viewers being loyal Trump supporters?

Clearly, the conservative conglomerates know something that we don’t; or won’t like, which is the harsh reality that enough moderate Republicans aren’t actually that bothered with a Pence run. But will the moderate support be good enough for a Republican nomination? With how fractured the GOP is now, I’m calling a “no-go” on Pence regardless of how much air time the right-wing news outlets give him, and let’s be honest, as soon as Trump throws his name back in the ring, I’m sure we’ll see both Fox and Newsmax drop Pence like a bad habit to jump on the Trump train. After all, they know Trump will be better for ratings.

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