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Senate Approval Of Biden’s $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill Seems Certain Within Days

In a rushed vote, yesterday the House passed Joe Biden’s $40 billion Ukraine aid bill 368-57.

Of the 206 Republicans, 57 voted ‘NO’ including Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Kat Cammack and Matt Gaetz of Florida, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Jim Jordan of Ohio, and Chip Roy of Texas.

Here’s the full list of the 57 Nays:

The bill now moves to the Senate floor for a vote and could happen within a matter of days. Final congressional approval of the $40 billion Ukraine aid bill seems certain as top Senate Republicans said Wednesday they expect strong GOP backing for the House-passed measure, despite America having so many problems of its own.

“I think there’ll be substantial support,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told The Associated Press about the legislation, “We’re going to try to process it as soon as possible.”

“Act quickly we must,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. “I will make sure this is a priority for the Senate. We have a moral obligation to stand with our friends in Ukraine.”

The funding package includes $9 billion to restock U.S. equipment sent to Ukraine and $6 billion in Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative funding, which allows the administration to buy weapons from contractors and then send them to Ukraine.

Other measures in the package are $900 million for refugee assistance and a further $54 million for public health and medical support for Ukrainian refugees.

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