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SHADY: Why Did Hollywood Lawyer Pay Off Over $2M Of Hunter Biden’s Delinquent Tax Bill?

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A Hollywood lawyer allegedly paid off Hunter Biden’s delinquent tax bill — which according to a source told The NY Post amounted to more than $2 million. The President’s son is currently awaiting the results of a Delaware grand jury’s investigation into his personal finances.

Kevin Morris, an entertainment attorney, who rose to fame and fortune representing the co-creators of “South Park”, settled Hunter Biden’s overdue taxes totaling over $2 million — more than twice than what was previously reported on his tax return, a source familiar with conversations between the two told The Post.

But why? Why did Morris feel the need to suddenly help Hunter Biden settle such an important debt, and how much trouble is Hunter Biden in with the IRS that the American people haven’t been told about? The laptop scandal clearly isn’t the only story the press is trying to bury here.

Back in December 2020, Hunter Biden found himself under federal investigation for possible tax fraud with a report saying the Justice Department is examining his overseas business dealings.

The probe began in 2018, sources told Fox News and CNN.

Investigators are looking into whether Hunter and his business associates violated various tax and money laundering laws, CNN said.

The investigation was put on hold during the run-up to the November election due to Justice Department guidelines that prohibit activity that could influence a political race, CNN said.

But it’s since resumed and is entering a new phase, with the FBI and IRS issuing subpoenas and seeking interviews, CNN said.

Hunter Biden paid off a tax liability of over $1 million a year after he announced he was under investigation for defrauding the IRS — but he could still face charges in the wide-ranging federal probe, a new report said. It appears that the tax bill is much higher than the media is letting on, hence the reason big-shot Hollywood lawyer and friend of Hunter Biden has stepped up to front the remaining balance.

Settling the delinquent tax bill could make it harder for prosecutors to convict President Joe Biden’s 52-year-old son as well as their ability to score a lengthy sentence if he was convicted, according to The New York Times.

President Biden is likely to avoid an audit that could reveal whether he made money from Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings after the IRS rejected a whistleblower complaint that alleged the 46th president owes at least $127,000 in taxes, The Post reported last week.

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