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SNEAKY JOE: Biden Breaks Promise, Quitely Building Trump’s Border Wall

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According to a report from Just The News, the Biden Administration is quietly repairing sections of the southern border in addition to fixing small gaps. DHS intends to prioritize funding on those remediation projects that are needed to address life and safety, according to the CBP website.

According to Just The News:

Agency authorities held a meeting Wednesday to discuss the environmental assessment of the proposed “Border Barrier Remediation Plan,” which would fix parts of the border wall in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas.

The Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the agency and border security, says it plans on prioritizing remediation funding for projects to protect the public and “avert further environmental damage or degradation.”

Beyond the proposal, administration officials said “all border barrier construction projects have been canceled.”

Small gaps will be closed in the wall in addition to work such as completing unfinished gates and fixing drainage areas… but large holes in the border will remain, a Border Patrol Environmental Planning official said during Wednesday’s meeting, according to AZ Central.

Biden, while on the 2020 Presidential Campaign trail, promised there would be no additional border wall construction under his administration. The fact that he is repairing sections of the wall and even filling in gaps is considered new construction which means Joe Biden has once again miseld the American people.

At the very least, if Biden was in fact serious about not building Trump’s border wall, he would be tearing it down immediately rather than fixing gaps that keep immigants out.

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