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SORRY LIBERAL MEDIA: You Won’t Be Able To Use The Buffalo Shooting To Smear Conservatives This Time

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There’s no doubt, that Payton Gendron, 18, targeted the Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo, NY due to its high concentration of black residents. With some of the strictest gun laws in America, Gendron knew he would be shooting fish in a barrel. He shot and killed 10 people and appears to be a proud white supremacist. He’s a Liberal’s dream come true in regards to mass shootings, a white, racist shooter. Let the conservative bashing games begin!

But not so fast. Gendron left a 180-page manifesto to set the record straight. First of all, he threatened to shoot up his high school a year ago, and even though he was brought in for mental evaluation, the authorities let him walk scot-free. He was a ticking time bomb waiting to happen, and in NY, a Democrat-controlled state, there’s no disputing that the authorities screwed up big time. Perhaps now the FBI will start paying attention to domestic terrorist threats rather than worrying about angry soccer moms at a school BOE meeting?

But the Buffalo gunman must be a conservative that represents the GOP right? Aren’t all White Supremacists white, republican men? Clearly, we know the answer to that question, but fortunately for us “ULTRA-MAGA” conservatives, Payton Gendron set the record straight in his manifesto that 1) he calls himself a racist eco-fascist who could also be a socialist, and 2) he’s not a conservative. It’s all right there in the manifesto. When asked if he was a conservative, he said “No, Conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it”.

Gendron even went as far as to suggest that “Conservatism Is Dead. Thank God”. Yes, he’s clearly a racist as he blatantly confessed in the manifesto, but a conservative? Nope!

Maybe now the liberal media will stop suggesting that all white men who engage in ‘racially motivated shootings” are conservative. It’s an absolutely ridiculous accusation in the first place that holds no statistical bearing.

And while they’re at it, they also might want to stop blaming Tucker Carlson for “influencing Payton Gerdron because of a few ‘great replacement theory’ conversations Tucker had on his show”. I’d like to think that Tucker’s lawyers are drafting a “defamation of character” lawsuit as we speak starting with The View’s Ana Navarro who has accused Tucker of motivating the recent mass shooting in Buffalo.

Sorry Democrats, it looks like Gendron ruined the narrative you were so desperately hoping to run with leading up to the 2022 midterm elections. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the 180-page manifesto and learning that the Buffalo gunman was everything BUT conservative. I could only imagine Liberal heads are rolling over the fact that they won’t be dragging us into this one, and maybe next time they’ll think twice before pointing the finger, but instead be on the lookout within their own party for radical extremists who are out to destroy America.

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