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The Justice Department Continues To Treat Parents As “Domestic Terrorists.”

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On Oct 21, 2021 the AG mislead the House Judicial committee, according to Rep Jim Jordan. Thanks to a whistle blower in the DOJ, the timeline of events and historic track record, his thinking that the DOJ is being used to control parents interfering with the administration’s plans to teach CRT in schools is a reasonable conclusion.

Sept 29, 2021 The National School Board Association wrote a letter to the Biden administration requesting involvement of the FBI and specifically the use of Patriot Act against parents for acts of “domestic terrorism”.

Two days later Ms Garcia, a signer of the letter, is appointed to a position in the Dept of Education.

Three days after the letter the head of the counter terrorism at the FBI, Tim Langan, engaged in conversations with the DOJ on how to implement the yet to be sent memo written by AG Garland.

Five days after the letter, AG Garland directs all 94 judicial districts in the country to establish dedicated lines of communication for threat reporting on parents.

Oct 20, two weeks later, the director of the anti-terrorism unit of the FBI, Timothy Langan sent out a command to put a anti-terrorist “threat tag”, “EDUOFFICIALS” on suspect parents.

Oct 21, AG Garland appears before House Judiciary committee and says, “I could not imagine any circumstance in which parents would be treated like domestic terrorists”, obviously unaware a whistle blower would expose Langan’s directive.

Oct 22 the NSBA withdraws letter and apologized.

Rep Jordan said a FOIA request revealed a Mr Slavan said additional information was requested by the White House BEFORE the letter from the NSBA was sent and a Ms Garcia said “The NSBA communicated with the WH for several weeks before the letter was sent.”

All of this shows the NSBA letter resulted from discussion with, and input from, the Biden administration.

One of the incidents used by the NSBA to justify their request for FBI/DOJ intervention was the arrest, captured on video, of a Loudoun County, Virginia parent being arrested at a BOE meeting. It circulated around the country and was used as evidence parents were violent and the BOEs needed protection. Had the FBI investigated the issue it would have found the parent’s 14 yr old daughter was raped in a girl’s lav by a “fluid gender” boy wearing a skirt who was then transferred to another school where he allegedly assaulted another female student. At the meeting that parent heard the school superintendent make the statement there had not been any incidents in lavs by transgenders and that “transgender predators don’t exist” causing a “trans activist” to harass his wife and tell him the rape never happened. His verbal response to her caused the disruption that security reacted to. The accused perpetrator of the rape has since been found guilty. Several lawsuits by both parents and teachers have been launched against the school board.

Rep Jordan reminds us of similar tactics used by the Obama/Biden administration to attack the last president. As a reminder, we know that according to then CIA Director Brennan’s hand written note of July 2016 indicating his informing then President Obama of Hillary Clinton’s plan to scandalize candidate Trump in order to detract attention from her own email scandal. The involvement of FBI and DOJ officials with the “Russia collusion” hoax based on a phony dossier is now a matter of record.

Rep Jordan has FBI Director submit information on parents terrorist tagged with “EDUOFFICIALS” to be submitted by 5pm on 12/2/2021.

Exclusive: Jim Jordan Demands FBI Director Wray Disclose All ‘Counterterrorism’ Efforts Against Parents After Whistleblower Report

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