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‘The MAGA Cult Must Be Burned To The Ground’, The Star Reporter Calls For Death Of Trumpers

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In an attempt to defend crybaby Kizinger and the recent death threats made against him, Toronto Star reporter Vinay Menon incited violence by throwing out a death threat of his own that called for the death of Trump’s “MAGA Cult”.

The headline of the article submitted to the Toronto Star on July 6th reads “The violent threats against Adam Kinzinger make one thing clear: the MAGA cult must be burned to the ground.”

First of all, Vinay, if you’re going to attack “Trumpers” for making death threats, you might want to reconsider making death threats yourself!

After highlighting several death threats made toward Rep. Adam Kinzinger (CA-R), Vinay Menon defended the California congressman by writing “Kinzinger is standing up for American democracy. He is forfeiting his career for the truth. I want to reach out and ask if he might consider becoming the godfather to my daughters. That is how much I respect this man.”

The author of the Toronto Star went as far as suggesting that Kinzinger deserves a Nobel Peace Prize Kinzinger for “standing up for American democracy.”

“The man deserves a Nobel Prize for bravery and honesty,” Menon wrote. “It has come at a tremendous cost. For the mortal sin of condemning Donald Trump’s attempted coup, Kinzinger is persona non grata to the frothing MAGA cult. He’s seen as a traitor, a liberal secret agent, a heretic, a disgrace, a treasonous scumbag who deserves to rot in hell for all eternity.”

Vinay did admit, however, that “not all Trump supporters are lunatics who inhabit the Upside Down”. He sided with the “reasonable ones” who signed on for tax cuts, tougher immigration, and an anti-globalist agenda, but then continued to slam the “MAGA Cult” for being “so far detached from reality that policy is now the least of it.”

Last Tuesday, Adam Kinzinger released a series of voicemails from angry voters and Trump supporters of death threats made toward him.

“You backstabbing son of a bitch. You go against Trump, y’all know y’all motherf—ers” are sitting up there lying. Like a damn dog,” one caller said.

One caller said he hopes Kinzinger “naturally dies as quickly as f—ing possible,” and another wished he’d get terminal cancer. Another said he knows where Kinzinger’s family lives and are going to “get you… gonna get your wife, gonna get your kids.” And another suggested he would “swing for f—ing treason.”

One of the threats included religious language, wishing for the “wrath of the Lord God Almighty” to come down on Kinzinger and his family.

I get it, death threats aimed at Adam Kinzinger are never appropriate and should be condemned by both parties. There is never any excuse for threatening the life of anyone, especially for not agreeing with his or her views, but for Vinay to then threaten an entire party, many of whom would never wish ill-intent on Kinzinger, including myself, is just as bad if not worse.

Although his intentions of defending Kinzinger and Liz Cheney were pure, he botched the entire point by making death threats of his own. The Toronto Star author should be fired at the very least and suspended from Twitter for inciting violence – but we all know that won’t happen because when the Left incite violence, they get a free pass, regardless of how disgusting or hateful the rhetoric may be.

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