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Thousands Show Up To Protest Vaccine Mandates In Albany, NY, Marched To Hochul’s Private Residence

Thousands of protesters from all over New York State arrived in Albany, NY on Wednesday to protest Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposed Vaccine Mandates. Dozens of speakers from various organizations addressed the crows including activists, NY State Politicians, and media personalities. Patriot One’s Shannon Joy, host of The Shannon Joy Show, and Senior Editor Matt Clark, host of You Made It Political were both live on the scene to report.

Kathy Hochul has been widely criticized for evading the public and blaming her disappearing act on the Coronavirus Pandemic. Because protestors were unable to go to her office to deliver letters they wrote for the Governor, they decided to march to her personal residence to hand-deliver them personally immediately following the rally.

Hochul, the first female governor in the state’s history, while speaking during her State of the State Address on Wednesday, could hear the protestors outside during her speech. An estimated 2-3 thousand protestors showed up to send Kathy Hochul a stern warning that medical tyranny in New York State will no longer be tolerated, and that they wanted to see an end to vaccine mandates.

As Coronavirus cases surge in NY state, many argue, including world-renowned medical experts in the community, that vaccine mandates are not the answer to curbing the pandemic and that everyone should be able to choose what they do with their bodies without suffering consequences or being shamed for their personal medical choices.

Matt Clark, Senior Editor for PatriotOneNews.com attended the rally to capture some of the most inspirational moments of the day.

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