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Triggered CNN Analyst Blames Donald Trump For Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock At The Oscars Sunday Night

Didn’t get the Christmas gift you always wanted? Trump’s fault! Engagement ring wasn’t big enough? Trump’s fault! Nancy Pelosi ran out of gin… Trump’s fault! Will Smith smacking Chris Rock across the face at the Oscars… definitely Trump’s fault… or at least that’s the story that triggered CNN analyst Asha Rangappa is going with.

Shortly following the Will Smith-Chris Rock face smack, CNN analyst Asha Rangappa hit Twitter to explain how this is really all because of former President Donald Trump —because obviously right?

“So did like anyone walk out after that happened??? Or are we getting an independent psychological case study on how Trump got normalized?”

Needless to say, the entire country thinks Rangappa is nuts and suffers from an extreme case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

To suggest that Trump caused this is not only preposterous but let’s not forget who really normalized violence during the summer of 2019 when the Democrats gave America their blessing that anything goes as long as you’re fighting for a cause that could help them win votes.

The internet hit back at CNN analyst Asha Rangappa with an avalanche of tweets mocking her for such an outrageous tweet.

If there’s one thing that we learned from Rangappa’s tweet is that Donald Trump continues to live rent-free in the minds of the liberals, and you know Trump’s gleaming over it.
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