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Ukraine Holds The Line Against Russia As Attempts To Invade Capitol Kyiv Wane.

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Who doesn’t like a good underdog story? Well, that’s exactly what Ukraine is giving the world right now as their fight to stop Russia from taking over Capitol City Kyiv strengthens. If Vegas was taking bets on who would win this war, the odds would have surely been in favor of Vladimir Putin and his Russian forces. But just a few days into the worst fight we’ve witnessed since World War 2, Ukraine has proven to be much stronger than we all predicted.

There is no doubt that Kyiv was projected to be taken by Russian forces by this time. At one point Russian forces were only a mere 20 miles from the Ukrainian capital and closing in fast.

It was just last night that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made it very clear that “tonight was a fight for the nation”. In order to save Ukraine, they needed to keep Kyiv, but it was going to be difficult as they knew Russia would unleash everything they had upon the Capitol. The situation was so dire that citizens were given firearms in order to participate in the war and fight alongside the military. Men between the ages of 18-60 were not allowed to flee Ukraine, and martial law has been declared. Ukrainian soldiers were teaching civilians how to make Molotov cocktails prior to the Russian assault. Russian troops reached the outskirts of the city yesterday evening, and fighting began to break out in the streets according to multiple sources.

According to 4 News Cameras (video seen below), a block of flats was hit by a missile in Kyiv this morning. “A missile struck a block of flats in Kyiv this morning, as Russian and Ukrainian forces were engaged in street fighting around the capital overnight. Ukrainian authorities say there were no deaths recorded in the incident”

The Ukrainian government, however, was still in control of Kyiv Saturday after a night of explosions and gun battles in the streets of the capital, vowing not to lay down its arms against the Russian assault.

“We have withstood and successfully repelled enemy attacks,” Zelenskyy said in a speech Saturday morning. “The fighting continues in many cities and districts of our state, but we know that we are protecting the country, the land, the future of children.” He also took to social media to discredit disinformation that was circulating regarding Ukraine surrendering. He made it very clear that this was not true, and that Kyiv has not fallen.

In a video posted to social media earlier Saturday, Zelenskyy stood on a Kyiv street and rejected what he said was Russian disinformation that he had told his forces to surrender.

“We won’t put down our weapons,” Zelenskyy said. “We will protect our country because our weapon is our truth and it is our land, our country, our children and we will defend all of it.”

Reports are also coming in from social media that Kyiv is peaceful this morning. “Kyiv now. Total silence. No Russians here in the centre” on Twitter account read.

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