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Video Captures Migrants Scaling Arizona Wall Days After VP Harris Said Border Was ‘Secure’

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Vice President Kamala Harris literally just told NBC Host Chuck Todd that the border was secure after being pressed to discuss the reality of the raging border crisis that continues to plague America today. Not even 2 days later, cameras catch illegal migrants scaling the Arizona wall attempting to sneak into the United States.

Todd brought up the fact that over 2,000,000 illegal immigrants have breached the border since Joe Biden took office. Harris abruptly cut him off and reassured Todd that the border was “secure.”


Unfortunately for Kamala, the American people know she is lying. The border is not secure, and it only took Fox News two days to catch illegal migrants decked out in full camouflage being lowered over an Arizona border wall Tuesday by human smugglers.


The illegal border crossings happened just days after Vice President Kamala Harris claimed the nation’s borders were “secure.”

Bill Melugin was live in Eagle Pass, Texas, and shared news of the illegal crossings with Fox News. Melguin said “within a 45-minute span our team saw well over a dozen illegal immigrants all dressed in camouflage scaling the border wall using a rope to repel down and then running off into the open desert of Arizona.”

Melugin also noted that the human smuggler, who sits on top of the wall with a cellphone, told him that “he does this every single morning.”

A migrant was lowered from a border wall in Naco, Arizona, by a human smuggler, in an exclusive Fox News video. (Fox News Channel)

The video is only the latest incident of illegal immigration impacting Arizona and other border states.

However, messaging from the White House continues to brush off concern about the onslaught of migrants, claiming that the crisis is not out of hand. Melugin reported that “every single illegal immigrant got away.”

There have been more than 200,000 migrant encounters along the southern border in each of the last four months, according to Fox News.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey last month issued an executive order to fill gaps in the border wall in Yuma with shipping containers topped with razor wire, saying that the state “can’t wait any longer.”

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