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WATCH: Ben Shapiro REACTS To The “2000 Mules” Documentary, Full Breakdown And Analysis

I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t watched 2000 Mules yet, and to be honest, I’m so disgusted by the fact that neither political party has done much to investigate the 2020 election fraud that I’m not sure I can bring myself to watch it. Not to mention, I could have probably produced the movie myself at this point.

I did, however, appreciate Ben Shapiro’s full breakdown and analysis on 2000 Mules which provided me with pretty much everything I needed to know regarding the alleged fraud behind the election.

Watch Ben Shapiro’s Full 2000 Mules Analysis:

Shapiro did a phenomenal job at delivering an unbiased argument for both sides and kept his analysis neutral. He also covered Trump’s wins across states that 2000 Mules suggested were victims of ballot harvesting.

Ben’s final analysis concluded that just because there may have been illegal activities being conducted in certain states, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there were illegal votes.

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