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WATCH: Biden Met With ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chants In Kentucky As He Surveys Storm Damage

President Joe Biden was met with chants of “Let’s go, Brandon!” on Wednesday as he surveyed damage from the recent devastating tornado storm in Kentucky that left dozens dead and caused billions of dollars worth of damage.

A video taken by a bystander showed someone yelling the phrase at Biden as he walked by. An NBC News reporter added that Biden was also met with a Trump flag on scene.

“The anti-Biden phrase became an internet sensation in October after an NBC reporter at a NASCAR Xfinity Series race incorrectly reported that fans in the stands were chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ following a victory by driver Brandon Brown when they were really shouting, ‘F–k Joe Biden,’” Fox News reported. “It has since become a wildly popular anti-Biden rallying cry, breaking out at concerts, sporting events, and even churches.”

NASCAR President Steve Phelps threatened to sue those who use the “Let’s Go, Brandon” slogan on merchandise featuring NASCAR’s trademarks and has condemned the use of the slogan, claiming that NASCAR does not want to be associated with politics.

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