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WATCH: DeSantis LIGHTS UP Biden, Blasts ‘Frustrated Brandon’ During Press Conference

Who doesn’t love a good old fashion DeSantis beat down, especially when the beat down is aimed directly at Joe Biden himself?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis previewed a potential head-to-head battle with the President this week; blasting Biden for his disastrous economic policies that have brought “historic inflation” and record-high gas prices.

“We have to look at what we’re doing against the backdrop of what’s going on in Washington, D.C., and particularly, there’s a fella by the name of Brandon that people talk about that we have to contend with,” DeSantis said.

WATCH: Desantis Lights Up Brandon For “Man-Made” Economic Crisis

“I see this news report where Biden is so frustrated that his approval ratings are in the toilet. He can’t understand, he’s lashing out at his staff, he’s blaming other people, he’s blaming the media, even though he gets the most sycophantic media coverage that any president has ever gotten, compared to how they treated Trump to how they treat Biden, it’s night and day.”

DeSantis’s remarks come at a time when President Joe Biden continues to suffer some of the worst approval ratings any President has faced since approval ratings began over 40 years ago. Historically, Joe Biden has the worst approval rating of any President in U.S. history.

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