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WATCH: NYPD Arrest Anti-Mandate Protestors In NYC, CPS Was Called On The Mother

According to Twitter account Luke2Freedom @L2FTV, multiple arrests were made tonight at an Anti-Mandate Vax Passport demonstration inside the Museum Of Natural History in New York City. Among the arrestees were a mother and child.

Bystanders were shouting at the Police Officers “The Walk Of Shame NYPD, The Walk Of Shame” as they arrested and escorted several protestors out of the Museum Of Natural History during the anti-mandate demonstration.

CPS was reportedly called on one of the protestors, a mother who participated in the protest with her child and can be seen escorting the child out.

“These aren’t men, these are f***ing cowards” can be heard by one bystander shouting at NYPD as CPS escorted the child out of the museum while watching her mother being put into the back of a cop car.

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