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WATCH: Unhinged Activist Confronts Ted Cruz Over Uvalde Shooting Before Security Gets Involved

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Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, after speaking at the NRA event in Houston on Friday was confronted by an aggressive activist who initially sought a photograph with the Senator, before arguing with him about the deadly mass shooting in Uvalde and his support for Second Amendment rights.

Cruz was at a restaurant and was tricked into posing for a photograph with activist Benjamin Hernandez – at which point Hernandez confronted him about his stance on gun rights in the wake of the school shooting in Uvalde, in which a gunman killed 19 children and two adults.

WATCH Benjamin Hernandez Aggressively Confront Ted Cruz Before Security Has To Remove Him.

Indivisible Houston posted the above video clip of Hernandez questioning Senator Cruz on gun control measures. He also asked Cruz why he does not support further background checks.

“The background checks wouldn’t have stopped the shooter,” Cruz responds. “You know what would have? The bill I introduced…” Cruz was referring to a bill that he proposed in 2013 that would have offered greater security in schools. The Democrats shot the bill down.

At this point, Hernandez interrupts Cruz and becomes aggressive with the Senator.

“We can make it harder for people to get guns in this country, sir,” he says. “You know that, but you stand here, you stand at the NRA convention, it is harder when there are more guns to stop gun violence.”

Cruz accused the man of combining “ignorance and hatred.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” he says in the clip.

As Hernandez gets more agitated, security starts to move him out of the restaurant, at which point he screams over at Cruz: “Why when 19 children died, that is on your hands…Ted Cruz that is on your hands.”

Hernandez later tried to justify his aggressive stance toward Cruz on Twitter when he posted, “I wasn’t going to let that f—er walk into the restaurant where I was having dinner and not have him hear me,” he said. “They can do something, but they just don’t want to. So let’s let them have it.”

The unhinged activist has had it out for Ted Cruz since the Texas Mass School shooting as it seems he has a personal vendetta against the Texas Senator. A barrage of aggressive tweets can be found on Hernandez’s Twitter profile.

It appears Security did the right thing. There’s no telling what Benjamin Hernandez would have done to Cruz had his security team not physically removed him.

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