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WOW! Even CNN Reporters Are Admitting That Biden Seemed “Confused” During A Recent Interview

We all know Sleepy Joe has had his moments. Even if we disregard the fact that cognitively there’s something not right there, the guy is almost 80 years old. Mental illness or not, the ol’ noggin is going to have its moments.

Well, Joe Biden had one of those moments, recently, during a televised interview with CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny who said President Joe Biden appeared “confused” during parts of a televised interview.

The cause for cognitive concern became apparent when Biden appeared to mix up COVID-19 home testing kits with antiviral pills during an interview with ABC News.

Biden told ABC News anchor David Muir: “I’ve ordered half a billion of the pills — 500 million pills.”

He paused for a second and then corrected himself, saying: “Excuse me … 500 million test kits.”

Even Donald Trump is getting worried about Joe Biden suggesting that he really needs to take a cognitive test to reassure the American people that the leader of the free world is not mentally unstable and “at the top of their game”.

“We need somebody that’s at the top of the game,” Trump said on Fox News’ “Hannity.” “Maybe it should be mandated that you take like a cognitive test or something.”

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