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Biden’s Energy Crisis On Collision Course, Shortages And Rationing Of Fuel Supply Imminent

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Shortages and rationing of diesel fuel supply seem imminent, but the cause may not be exactly what you would expect it to be.

The US, strongly relying on the investor market in combination with recent price attractions abroad, along with the decades-long US motivation to break away from fossil fuels through regulations and creative hurdles leave us (the end-user) to afford the impositions (Yes, that’s plural, “impositions”).

That is it in a nutshell. But it gets a bit more complicated than that. The real question is, what are our local, counties, and state officials doing to offset these impositions leading to serious challenges in maintaining life (sustainability) even on a temporary basis?

Are they doing what rational people expect of them – looking at ways to stabilize costs, or are they completely focused on spending more? How many home industries will be forced to close their doors in light of hurdles created over decades compounded with recent challenges? Are they willing to retract or simply ease the motivation in an effort to keep these income resources functioning for our fellow citizens or are they standing their ground without a plan to efficient our population’s financial needs (including what local, county and state governments have financially imposed on its respective citizens over time, especially by holding ground when it comes to expensive mandates and regulations that exemplify evidential failing governing strategies)?

Are they looking for ways to enrich themselves or justify with a bit of self-sacrifice with aim of doing their job during the increasingly troubled times that discerningly lay ahead?

Are they seeking ways to encourage our population to pull together, work together, and/or exercise goodwill and engage in supportive outreach and considerations for their community members? Or are they turning ideals against ideals in an effort to advantage yet more time in office to neglect their duties?

Why should I even have to ask these questions at all? And, if you’re not, why aren’t you?
Are we waiting for the proverbial shit to hit the fan or are we going to get up and do something before we can’t?

I see, like many of you, no signs of effort for relief other than excuses and the erroneous and reckless borrowing of our futures encompassed with exponential debt and exacerbated costs. – again, strongly dictated by the gamblers of our nation’s economy. – obviously more interested in supplying foreign nations for a dividend than assuring their own county can put milk on the table for their own children. – smh

Now it’s becoming clearer why the Pledge of Allegiance is no longer a practice of daily routine in schools. It wasn’t offensive at all. It has shown to be just a lie mundanely repeated from decades ago. – obviously not worthy of carrying on the tradition. – Thank you, Liberals, and the advantageous. You’re “build back better plan” is becoming clearer by the day.

Here we go again?

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