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In An “Attempt To Save The Planet”, We May Have Just Set America On Fire

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We are headed into very dangerous times under the premise of “saving the planet?” Dangerous, how could that be so?

Side Note: Did you know that less than 50% of Americans watch, read, or even consider the News? Who can they rely on for important information that could save them from tragedy? It must be us, Citizen Journalists, who do take the time to seek out reliable sources of information from outlets like Patriot One News. Sharing this information could help prevent tragedy. Please pass on this information. Thank you for your time and attention; we believe this information is important to all of us. According to a PEW Research Center’s 2016-2017 study, data shows a drop in people who watch the News: Local News from 46% to 37%, Network TV 30% to 26%, and Cable TV 31% to 28%.

And now onto the this article:

While the United States is experiencing an intentional increase in energy costs directly linked to the present motivation of certain government officials in their attempt to squelch and “control what causes global warming,” there is one very important thing they have completely neglected to address openly with the people they serve, you and me. – disconcertingly contrary to their claim to stand firmly on issues in their effort ‘to keep Americans safe’.” Really?

In spite of American motivation to broadly adopt and conform to natural gas after decades of education and support for its “clean burning qualities” over coal and oil, natural gas is obviously a strongly invested relative fuel when it comes to depending on a source of heating by millions of Americans, using 30.5 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas in 2020, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration (www.eia.gov). 15% or 4.5Tcf was used for residential heating and cooking.

The price of natural gas is expected “on average” to rise from $10.17 per thousand cubic feet (Mcf) last winter to $12.93/Mcf, nearly 27.5% on “average” this winter, according to EIA and even subtly higher in states like New York where officials have a strong motivation to eliminate completely the use of fossil fuels over the next 5 to 10 years. Heating isn’t the only use for natural gas as Electric Power consumes 38%, Industrial uses 33%, Commercial 10%, and Transportation 3% of the total amount reported. – Although still very relative to the inherent cost of living overall, I digress.

While Americans in colder climates, and even cooler climates seek ways to find warmth without destroying their budgets, they are notably turning to electric space heaters that vary by offering personal comfort heating to nearly heating of their entire home.

This is where the trouble begins as winter chill is upon America of which offers a potential of even more chilling consequence as choice turns to disparity.

Besides the varying quality of these heating appliances, questionable of their safety, efficiency, and reliability, there is a very serious concern that has seemingly not been considered and has absolutely not been addressed by government officials in their chase to impose such artificial high pricing for a common source of heat with nearly a 27.5% increase over 2020. (most notably in the middle of a pandemic-challenged economy. Many of the struggles induced by the very same government officials).

The failure to address the natural drive of commerce is absolutely negligent and quite predictably culpable considering the duty of the position.

The motivation of the consumer is historic as they are already seeking alternatives in preparation of ongoing increasing struggles with expenses imposed across all natural gas consumers.

Residential and end-users will attempt to offset the upcoming cost increases as they try to efficient the need to heat their homes and spaces. Yet, in spite of this, the motivation to “save the future” imposes an even greater more unimaginable danger to American families and their properties.

This is a matter of utmost serious concern as the general public is commonly unaware of certain dangers of electrical overload and substantial increase for potential of fire. – something substantially more discerning than plugging in just a few too many Christmas tree lights as the space heater is only one simple appliance that only takes up one plug-space.

As concerned American independent journalists here at Patriot One News, we care about our fellow citizens and alike, we acknowledge that there are steps that need be to taken to add some safety where assigned others have fallen short in consideration, who haven’t even bothered to beg a question or address this very real issue. – If the question came to their minds at all.

Electrical wiring in American homes by building code is not designed to universally handle the load of an electric heater at an outlet in all municipalities. Commonly 15amp outlets are used in parallel to multiple outlets on the same circuit. Meaning up to 5 or 6 or more outlets (sometimes more in homes that are not up-to-date with modern electrical code), and include lighting in some cases. Some outlets are tied in with high energy appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, etc… although they are in completely different locations in the home.

While smaller heaters, 750 Watts or less, pose a bit less danger, there is still an very real element of danger when two or more electrical appliances are connected to the same circuit even on separate outlets, even in completely separate rooms.

This can cause wires and connections to heat up within the outlets and walls that can result and have resulted fire. – Even more potential of fire exists in older homes with older wiring.

The ambiguity grows when home improvements have been completed by non-professionals and with the existence of lack-luster lazy/distracted electrical/building inspectors throughout the nation over time.

Heaters should be ran on nothing less than a 20Amp dedicated outlet, circuit breaker, and 12gauge wiring. – Meaning, nothing else but the heater should be connected on the same circuit, especially if the heating appliance consumes greater than 750Watts. – 1500Watt units should never be connected to less than 20Amp outlets on shared circuits. Never use and extension cord of any type for a heating appliance.

Also note that the plug of heaters while heating appliances are operational tend to vibrate, meaning they are actually moving undetectable to the human eye. You cannot see that the plug is being extracted from its position in the outlet. Often, after a few days or so, the plug can be found not fully seated. It is very important to regularly check on the plug connection to the outlet to assure that the plug is properly seated as vibration from this connection can cause them to become dislodged. As connection is weakened heat is produced from resistance, which can lead to fire. These appliances are not as plug-and-play as advertised. Pay close attention to them.

Call an electrification, although it is an added expense, it is advised to get a licensed electrician to evaluate and map out your home’s electrical circuits (even if you are renting). This can be a bit challenging as the demand is sure to increase, yet it’s a matter of safety and well worth an investment that otherwise comes with irreversible consequence.

Do yourself and your family a favor, call an electrician and have them assess your electric to handle the load of these space heaters. They should be able to switch 15Amp to 20Amp outlets, and assess your wiring at a fairly low cost considering or at least guide you to which circuits are safer and which to avoid.

Taking a few extra steps to avoid disaster will help keep us around to help in preserving the planet, right? That is the goal after all, isn’t it?

This is Kirk Frederick for Patriot One News,
Take care and may God protect us all.

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