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Opinion: America Is One Heartbeat Away From Losing Its Freedom, And Why The Media Is To Blame

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Who else watched President Trump’s speech January 6th from the Ellipse expecting… hoping…that something monumental was going to happen? Perhaps proof of all the rigging and fraud displayed on a jumbotron or something to provide optimism that what we knew happened with the election was being corrected?

We heard Trump say “now, we’re all going to walk down to the Capitol, and I’ll be there with you”, but he wasn’t and that is for another time.  Thousands of peaceful people had stood hours in the cold to hear that speech and then walk to the Capitol anticipating their show of solidarity in demanding justice would garner attention and action from those in positions to begin the process. What happened next was a confusing ball of chaos and subsequent “reporting”. The spin of a “violent riotous mob that stormed the building and threatened members of Congress” took root and the narrative continues 10 months later.

0ver 600 Americans were tracked down and arrested, most for simply being there, yet agent provocateurs, which included members of the FBI and others seemingly camouflaged in with Capitol Police, appear to be the worst instigators of the mayhem. A curious and sketchy man by the name of Ray Epps has come to the attention of journalists digging into his background and clearly was seen in videos ginning up the energy and forcefully directing others to “go to inside the Capitol building”.

We’ve seen the videos circulating of uniformed officers pulling down barricades, unlocking doors and giving people directions on where to go.  Those 600 plus American citizens remain incarcerated in a DC prison ten months later not having been charged or given due process. The conditions reported from this facility sound deplorable, unsanitary, and unlike anything we believed existed in our country…maybe Turkey or a third world nation, but, not America! Detainees have reported scant meal portions and what’s given is barely edible; medical treatment withheld; lack of access to their attorneys and inhumane treatment and accounts of prisoners at GITMO receiving better treatment.

On the morning of Thursday Oct 7th at 6 am, 28 yr old Cody Mattice of Hilton awoke to a flash grenade at his home and waking from his groggy state realized the FBI, Swat team and CSI were preparing to raid his home.  They took him, along with his fiancé and their 4yr old son, with their hands up, outside while combing through their house looking for evidence.  Cody had been tracked down through his phone as having attended the Capitol event. The couple’s cell phones were confiscated as were his computer and the children’s tablets. They  took Cody downtown for questioning and put him in the Monroe County Jail until Thursday, Oct 28th. During the incarceration he had 2 detention hearings. A federal judge ruled he should be released on house arrest. The Federal Government overruled that decision and he remained behind bars until the 28th when he was transported by U.S. Marshalls to Northeast Ohio State Prison.

Upon transport from Rochester, the U.S. Marshalls refused to allow Cody to bring his Bible & even offered to “throw it out for him”. Initially Cody was told he was being transported to VA but he was dumped in a federal penitentiary over the weekend, scared at what might happen to him while awaiting transport to his intended destination.  Cody arrived in DC Friday night November 5th. Unfortunately, he is in the correctional facility that has been under investigation, and he was “forgotten” in a holding cell for 4 hours. Cody’s fiancé notified his attorney who said he is aware that the staff there are incompetent which adds to more distress for everyone. The family had to hire a DC based attorney and provide a $10,000 cash down payment with as much for the remainder of the fee. The family is trying to stay positive despite being informed the whole court proceeding is being handled by DOJ Beryl Howell, an extremely leftist judge, and is the same one who handled his federal detention hearing and denied him house arrest.

Why should any of this matter to us? The kid’s a punk, right? An insurrectionist…a terrorist, or so the “media” and democrats declare. We should care because, over the past several years we have witnessed trumped up charges and investigations on a president, a 30-year Four Star General and countless other people the communists in our government have targeted. Hasn’t it become glaringly obvious no one is safe? If they can do it to powerful people they will do it to us, and they have. Cody’s life, and those of hundreds more, will be completely altered by this. Any potential landlord or employer will run their name and that will be it for them. The persecution and horrendous treatment of our fellow Americans is only being used as an example to the rest of us to “not even think about” ever revolting against this despotic government or we might disappear.

The media are trying to portray Cody as a dangerous threat even though he’s never been in serious trouble prior to or after that fateful day. Yes, there are videos of him engaging in pulling barricades down and being caught up in the emotionally charged energy and earning him the nickname #Fencesnatcher by the FBI. However, he is a stay-at-home dad to his two children while his fiancé  works in medical research.

The reputations of everyone detained will be damaged and they and their families traumatized by the separation and obvious injustice of what is continuing to happen to them as we watch those we know to be criminals, who have committed treason by selling our country out, walk free.

I don’t know Cody, although his mom and I became acquainted at a Freedom Rally for health care workers over the summer and have become friends.  As a mother I read her heart and the anguish she is feeling for her son, his family and herself.  Let’s not allow the media to try people in the court of public opinion, they are very biased and unethical, as we know. I pray for Cody and for all our American brothers and sisters held unjustly in captivity and I invite you to join me in praying that this evil will be exposed, and this madness come to an end.  We are one heartbeat away from losing our freedom as we have known it.

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