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Opinion: Chinese Take Out And Legislation, How The Democrats Get Away With Bait And Switch Policy

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The other day I had finished a long day of work and faced a difficult decision many people face daily. “What the heck am I going to have for dinner.” Now I enjoy cooking but I didn’t have to motivation to make something. Instead, I turned to my local Chinese take-out restaurant, a wonderful place named Lucky Fortune. The food is great and people are friendly. Everything you want in a take-out joint. It was a win for me.

Ok so what does Chinese take-out have to do with legislation? Well it’s all in the name. I’ve patronized many Chinese restaurants over the years. Interestingly enough, many of them have names comprised of the most positive words you could find in the dictionary. Happy Kitchen or Lucky Fortune in this scenario. I’m sure it’s the same story in your town. This is no coincidence by the proprietor. It’s intentional to psychologically promote positive thoughts in your mind when you think about the restaurant. Pretty smart idea. Of course, it helps if you can follow up with some good food and friendly service.

Democrat created legislation is no different. Like everything else, the most important to them is identity. What color are you? Do you have an unique “edgy” name? If you answer correctly you just might be a desirable person according to the DNC. So when these monstrosities disguised as legislation are conceived, they have to be given the correct name to achieve the desired goal. To hide the horrible policies and laws the bill will create. Like the Speaker of the House infamously once said, “We have to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it.” But hey, it has a great name so it must be good right?

Wrong. Federal takeover of the election process is a bad idea period. That is not  how our founders wanted it to work. Make no mistake, that’s what the “Voting Rights Act” and the “For The People Act” are designed to do. But wait, they have such great sounding names. How can they be bad things? I mean, what decent person wouldn’t be in favor of voting rights for every citizen or something called “For the People”? It literally says it’s for the people. Sarcasm aside, you see where I’m going here. They hide destructive legislation under the guise of some catchy positive sounding name. Like a bad magician you get from Craig’s list at the last second for your kids party. No sane person should fall for any of it. Unless you are 5.

There is one major difference between my local take-out and these bills though. While the restaurant backs up the enticing name with the substance of good food and friendly people which are things we all want, the legislation unfortunately delivers an unconstitutional takeover of elections. This is something no American should want. Mass mailings of ballots. Accepting ballots 10 days after Election Day. Mass ballot harvesting. Those are the fortunes that await you if these bills are passed.

The democrats think we are so unintelligent that we will just accept the cool sounding name of the bill and not want to dig in to the details of these horrible ideas. More importantly, they set it up so if you oppose the bills they will say you are “against voting rights.” See how that works. Legislation is no different that your local take-out joint. But if we let them deliver this combo of bills to us. We all loose.

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