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Opinion: We Are Winning The War Against The Propaganda Machine, All Thanks To The Internet

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We are winning the battle my friends. I know it doesn’t seem like it now but I assure you we are. In order to understand why, you have to reflect back to the days before the internet. I doubt there is anyone who will say that government corruption and censorship is a recent phenomenon. However, what is novel, is our ability to discover it and the speed at which this happens.

Before the days of the information super-highway, information was tightly in the grasp of tv and radio media companies. Then a very select few would decide what the public was permitted to know. That carefully crafted propaganda disguised as journalism was then distributed to unsuspecting listeners and viewers. We were told to trust these talking heads explicitly because they were journalists above reproach. The censorship and abuse has always been there. We were just never permitted to know about it. The phrase, knowledge is power has never rang more true.

Enter the days of the internet. A way of connecting human beings around the world with seemingly no filter to process knowledge through. This was the worst thing that could’ve happened to the political and elite class and they eventually figured it out. In pre-internet times, no one really questioned the statements of trustworthy looking guys in suits at 6pm. If they did, they had no real meaningful platform to present their argument. Any opposition to the official narrative was defeated before it even got started.

All of a sudden, the average citizen had both access to information and a platform to speak. This had not been available before in human history. If you thought the official story didn’t quite smell right, and you wanted to present an alternative opinion, you now had the resources to do exactly that. We the people no longer had to rely on the suits at 6 to tell us what they thought we needed to know.  Of course this became a problem for the political class. They made their hay by back room agreements and quid pro quo wink winks. They couldn’t very well let the public in on what was actually going on. This internet thing had to be controlled.

Big tech steps up to handle the task. Funded by left wing think tanks and powerful elite, they began to reinstate the propaganda model. This time the online version. The heavy hands of these giants of industry went to work scrubbing the knowledge. They censored opposition and limited access to information.

At this point you might be saying yeah this is true but how does it mean we are winning? I will tell you how my friends. Because the proverbial Pandora’s box has been opened. Knowledge is power. You may think that we are less well off now because these tech giants are doing their best to silence us and in many cases succeeding. I will submit to you that we are in fact better off now. Forty years ago you would have government abuse and censorship, you would just never know about it. You would assume that you had all the facts. There was no access to alternative media. We now have a weapon in the fight my friends. Yes they are doing their best to take it from us after realizing the barn door had been opened. However, it’s too late for them. We are winning. We are winning because we now have the knowledge. We know that search engines will intentionally shape results. We know that so called fact checkers will attempt to discredit us. We know that school boards will attempt to collect information on parents that speak up and treat them as criminals. We know that corrupt justice department officials will stop at nothing to make sure the elite retain political power. We know that a corrupt CDC will edit data and official agencies will make “mistakes” releasing data to support whatever outcome they desire. We know that the political elite are not our countrymen. They are out to destroy us.

I choose to look at it this way. We are in a much better position now because we now know what is being done to us. A good comparison would be when you are lied to by someone you are in a relationship with. Before you know about the lie, you are blissfully ignorant. When you realize you have been deceived, you feel stupid and used. After a while, you realize that you are better off because now you know the truth.

They can’t hide anymore. The Pandora’s box has been opened. The talking heads in suits are no longer trusted beyond reproach. Parents are demanding accountability from school officials and getting involved in their child’s education. For these reasons and countless other misdeeds we are now aware of, is why we are winning the battle and will win the war. Stay positive patriots. We have them running for cover! They will not last much longer!

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