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The Ticking Time Bomb Of Global Medical Tyranny, We FAILED To Read The Writing On The Wall!

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Could we have imagined when we changed our clocks in March 2020 we would wake up in the Twilight Zone which would bear a remarkable resemblance to the episode “Maple St”, which depicted neighbors turning on one another in accusations and suspicions?

I would surmise that by how many have heard the pronouncement by the World Economic Forum regarding their intent to implement the “Great Global Reset”.  There has been much planning by the globalists on how to enact this, a virus was the perfect vehicle to break the world and our country in order to institute their new system.  Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? We would have scoffed March 10th  2020 if anyone told us where we would be now, so discount nothing.

August 2019 reps from CDC, Gates & Rockefeller foundations, as well as 60 companies, met at the Aspen Institute in Rwanda and hammered out a $100 BILLION taxpayer funded deal on contact tracing, phone apps, ect… 6—7 months before they locked us down. This was uncovered by Larry Doyle and John Moynihan, two tax fraud investigators from Massachusetts.  They can be found on Twitter @Financial Bounty Hunters… you might be shocked at what else they have found.

October 18th, 2019 Event 201 was held in NY city, a 5 hour computer simulated exercise on responding to a coronavirus pandemic and was put on by John Hopkins University, The World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. The service industry was represented and media was in attendance. When asked how to get the messaging out the response was “trusted voices and flood the zone”. Enter Fauci and Birx and, on a junk model by Neil Ferguson in the UK, admonished Trump he had to shut down the country.  Day after day, 24/7 we were flooded on media outlets with scary music as the cases and deaths ran non stop.

In my opinion, the media have become domestic terrorists because that’s what they did, inflicted terror. October 18th 2019 was also the opening of the Military World Games in Wuhan where 10,000 personnel from over 100 countries gathered for a week before returning home

Has anyone heard of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board?  It’s a fairly recently developed organization on which a number of people sit, including: Fauci; Dr. Chris Elias, President of the Gates Global Development Fund, USA; and a member of the Chinese CDC…a cozy trio. In their annual report for 2019 on page 39 are progress markers to be met by Sept. 2020…point 2 states: “The United Nations, including WHO, conducts at least two system wide training and simulation exercises, including one covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen”.

What are we to make of the rapid events of the last 18 months that have seemingly plunged us into some dystopian universe where everyday activities became “violations”, The Board of Health weaponized…police called because people were trying to retain what we believe are our Constitutional rights, yet, have cause others to lose their businesses, created fights and disconnect between family and friends regarding masks, vaccines and mandates. I know it’s frustrating trying to get others to awaken from their slumber because time is running short.  We must continue to be the modern day Paul Revere to our circle of influence, conduct ourselves with kindness and integrity and PRAY that the Lord will show Mercy to America. He has Blessed us abundantly and we have squandered our heritage. Pray for one another and our nation and that the criminal enterprise holding our world will be brought down!!

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