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Unvaccinated Is The New Gay, And “Coming Out” Will Cost You Dearly (OPINION)

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In present day America, or the world for that matter, there is nothing more shocking or controversial that you can do than ”coming out” as unvaccinated. It can get you excommunicated from your family, fired from work, shunned by pillars of the community… It can even bring threat of physical violence to you. Coming out as unvaccinated is something that you need to be prepared for, as it can radically alter your way of life. People may ask, “don’t you know you will have a hard life this way?”

Nowadays, it is considered ”in”to be LGBTQ. Some may be old enough to remember that it was not always that way. As is the case with human nature and sociology, there always is a new ‘low man on the totem pole’.

The newest ‘low man’ is none other than the unvaccinated and/or those believing in medical freedom (aka so-called ”anti-vaxxers”). Those believing in medical freedom have essentially become second class citizens in the United States. What we have on our hands is perhaps the greatest human rights struggle we have ever seen.

In this modern world, coming out as unvaccinated can be a dangerous decision to make for your life and career.  The medical freedom community will be in a very long battle against intolerance, oppression, and hatred, and those that are unvaccinated must not falter, whether out of the closet or still in.

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